“So that others may live.”

This is CCSO-SAR’s mission.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue is a self-funded volunteer organization serving under the direction of the Clark County Sheriff.  Our dedicated members train year-round, in all terrains, urban and wild and in all weather, rain and shine, for not only search and rescue response but urban disaster response as well.

We work jointly with all agencies, public and private, in response to our community’s search and rescue needs not only in Clark County, Washington but in all of Washington and Oregon, as called upon.  And we work with law enforcement agencies in aid of searching for evidence, criminal and non-criminal.

In serving you we remain ever vigilant for your call.  We strive to perform our duties with integrity and professionalism.  We willingly place this duty before our personal desires and comfort.  We do this…

… So that others may live.