Is Search and Rescue Right for You?

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Search and Rescue is a rewarding opportunity to help others but it does require a substantial commitment of both time and money.  Before deciding if SAR is for you, consider the following points and determine if they fit your lifestyle and commitment capability:

  • SAR is a volunteer position.  You will not get monetary compensation for your time or efforts.
  • While basic training requirements will be provided by the Sheriff’s Office at no cost, outside training opportunities and SAR conferences are available at your expense.
  • You are required to have and maintain a minimum inventory of gear.  While the cost of the gear is generally your responsibility, you are eligible for discounts at many vendors and the team owns additional gear that can be issued to you at no charge or sold at significant discount.
  • The time commitment is substantial.  Your family absolutely needs to support your decision to be SAR.
    • Mission call-outs can occur anytime, day or night.  It is understood that commitments such as work and family might prevent you from deploying on a mission but you are expected to deploy on all possible missions.  You are SAR, afterall.
    • Additionally, there is one 2 hour general meeting a month where team business and classroom training occurs.
    • Finally, there is one field training the weekend following every general meeting.  These field training’s are 4 to 6 hours in duration.
  • We train on all types of terrain in all kinds of weather and while outdoors experience is not a requirement, good physical conditioning is a must.  The recommended minimum fitness requirement is a 3 mile hike in 45 minutes with your 24-hour pack (~25 pounds).

Additional Facts and FAQs

  • Can I say no to a call out?  Yes. But remember what you signed up for.  Every effort should be made to deploy when called.
  • When your application is accepted you will receive a statewide emergency services volunteer identification from the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency as well as a CCSO-SAR ID.  Both are required at every mission, training and SAR event.
  • Every mission and training is assigned a mission number by the state.  If you are injured or suffer loss or damage to your gear the state will cover you.

Do you think you have what it takes?

In order to apply to CCSO-SAR you must attend any combination of three general meetings and training’s.  You will not be allowed to participate in any training exercises until after membership is granted but you will observe the training from Base Camp.

After your application is accepted a limited background check is performed.  Upon passing, you will be asked to attend a staff meeting for an informal interview.  This interview will determine if membership will be granted.