Evidence Search

Usually search and rescue teams are called out to find and help lost or injured people, but on occasions teams get called out to aid the sheriff’s office for evidence searches. These can include looking for weapons or bodies, anything to help aid in the conviction of a person. When something is found that might be evidence, SAR members are trained to protect the area and not touch the item. The deputy is called out to determine if that item would be useful for their case. Usually members do a search style called a line search, where members line up and go across a terrain to ensure the area is thoroughly covered. If the item in question might be in a steep area, ropes teams are used.

Even when it’s raining, we’re training.

The CCSOSAR Ropes Team trained today on current techniques for patient packaging on stokes. A stokes is the special basket used to transport an injured person out of remote areas. A ropes rescue team would be used if a person needs to be brought up from the bottom of a cliff, ledge, or any situation an angle would make it difficult for a team to get the person out safely.