We Need Your Help!

CCSO-SAR is self-funded, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of our members provide their own vehicle, gasoline, food, and specialized equipment that allows them to respond to the wide variety of missions. Members also spend 1 weekend a month in the field, training and honing their advanced skills.

These skills allow our members to help law enforcement search potential crime scenes for evidence; conduct search and rescue missions for hurt or missing hikers, hunters, anglers, mushroom pickers, the elderly and children; these skills also allow our members to respond to urban and natural disasters like mudslides, earthquakes, or volcanic eruption.

But that's not all. Our members brave the harshest winter weather the pacific northwest can throw at them and selflessly transport essential hospital personnel that otherwise would not be able to get to work or home. And if that wasn't enough, CCSO-SAR members perform community awareness at fairs, festivals, and for scout troops where events we teach and demonstrate wilderness skills, outdoor awareness and SAR techniques.

By making a donation to CCSO-SAR you are helping us with training, education, gear and numerous other resources that allow us to serve the community. Your gift is a very direct and meaningful way to help those that are lost, or injured not only in Clark County, but anywhere we are needed.

There are four easy ways to support CCSO-SAR.

  1. You can make a gift via PayPal. Use the link below, or on the sidebar to the right.
  2. You can donate to us directly by filling out the donation form and mailing us your gift to the following address:
  3. Finally, if you have old camping equipment or other outdoor gear that you need to re-home, contact us , and if it helps us on our mission we'll gladly take it off your hands.

We, at CCSO-SAR are truly honored to serve you and our community and your support is greatly appreciated.