Training: Camp Bonneville 2014


This year’s annual summer training was something special.  In addition to the helicopter work the USCG, CCSO-SAR engaged in extensive urban disaster training, utilizing FEMA standardized building search techniques.  We also engaged in downed power line training and vehicle extraction techniques. In addition, CCSO-SAR members were instructed on wild fire ignition patterns and operational safety in fire environments.  And if all that wasn’t enough, the team ran a scenario of extracting a subject in a fire hazard environment.

Traditionally, the CCSO-SAR summer training weekend at Camp Bonneville is extended to other local SAR teams. This year, several members of Silver Star SAR joined us for what turned out to be a truly remarkable weekend of training.

Special Education Conference 2014

Today, CCSO-SAR had the privilege of participating in the 2014 special education conference at Prairie High School. We had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful kids and their remarkable parents.  We had the opportunity to educate parents about what SAR can do for the special needs community and got to learn ways that we can better serve our community.